Theta Legends Fund

Key Objectives & Opportunity

Theta Legends Fund is the successor fund to Legends Fund. Theta Legends Fund merged with Legends Fund on January 1st 2022. It follows exactly the same process and strategy, except that the fund vehicle is no longer listed.

The Fund aims to provide individual and institutional investors with an investment vehicle which targets average returns of around €STR (€ Short Term Rate) + 5% per annum. The Manager will attempt to accomplish this objective by investing in a diversified portfolio of hedge funds (collective investment vehicles) and other investment structures, which employ diverse investment styles and strategies. No guarantee is given as to the Fund actually achieving this objective.

The Fund is suitable for investors with an investment horizon of 3-5 years. While volatility is expected by the Manager to be lower than equity markets, investors should be prepared to accept equity-like movements.

The Fund focuses on hedge funds that have an outstanding investment history and proven adaptiveness to changing market environments through various economic cycles. Many of these hedge funds have a minimum investment amount of more than EUR 10 million and therefore are not easily accessible for private investors. It is expected that a manager of an Investee Fund will have a track record of at least 10 years.

Strategy & Implementation

The Fund aims to achieve consistent high absolute returns on investment, irrespective of the direction of comparable publicly traded securities, i.e. to have limited correlation to general market risks. The Fund’s portfolio will contain participations in between 10 and 20 hedge funds with no single investment in a fund representing 20% or more of the book value of the Fund Assets at cost. Diversification is sought through the underlying markets, securities, investment strategies, trading styles and regions, rather than the number of hedge funds.