Founded in 2001, Theta Capital Management is one of the oldest hedge fund specialists in The Netherlands. The firm has a long-term record of achieving best-in-class results through three separate investment solutions.

Theta Individual Accounts

Large end-investors with a long investment horizon

Theta Individual Accounts offer ownership, control and full transparency and can be tailored to an individual investor’s needs and preferences. The set-up provides the capital stability and synchronized expectations that have proven to translate in superior long term performance.

White-Label Solutions

Asset Managers and Multi-Family Offices looking for control and customization

Theta Capital has managed white-label solutions for clients since 2003. They provide organizations with an efficient hedge fund implementation for their clients while maintaining control and full transparency.

Investors looking for diversified hedge fund exposure in an operationally friendly manner

Legends Fund is invested with 10-15 elite hedge funds most of whom are closed to new investors. The portfolio is diversified across the major hedge fund strategies. Legends Fund provides a daily NAV and can be traded on Euronext Amsterdam.