Second close of Theta Blockchain Ventures III


Theta Capital Management is continuing to cement its leading position in crypto-native venture investing by raising Theta Blockchain Ventures III (TBV III), the third iteration of the fund of funds program which provides unique access to the best blockchain projects globally at their earliest possible private round valuations. TBV III has a target size of $250m and $70m in capital already committed.

Theta Capital raised $500m for crypto-native venture capital in 2021. We believe the current market turbulence illustrates the performance resilience of our approach through TBV I and II and presents the perfect backdrop in terms of timing for TBV III.

Theta Blockchain Ventures III will finalize its second close on 31st October 2022. Depending on the level of interest and market developments, this could be the final close.

If you would like to view the Theta Blockchain Ventures III presentation please click here. (N.B. By clicking on the link you acknowledge that you have requested information about Theta Blockchain Ventures III). To request subscription docs for Theta Blockchain Ventures III please click here.

We would like to highlight a few important dates and times in the run up to the second close of Theta Blockchain Ventures III:

  • 14th September: Theta Blockchain Ventures webinar where we provided investors with an update on Theta Blockchain Ventures I, II and III and were joined by Ali Yahya, General Partner with a focus on Crypto at a16z (a core position in TBV III). If you would like to listen to the recording, please click here
  • 15th September: Opening of Theta Blockchain Ventures III data room
  • 3rd October – 14th October: Due diligence meetings. If you would like to set up a meeting or a Zoom call, please email me at
  • 6th October: Theta Blockchain Webinar: Theta Blockchain Ventures strategy recap and blockchain 101 refresher (Register Here)
  • 21st October:Indications of interest due
  • 27th October: Annual Legends4Legends conference in Amsterdam. Many of the leading crypto-native Ventures Capitalists will join us for this annual all day event to discuss how blockchain enabled protocols disrupt the traditional business model, and how they capture value. To register your interest please click here
  • 31st October: Second Close Theta Blockchain Ventures III (+10 days to finalize documentation)

If there are any question regarding Theta Blockchain Ventures III please email



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