Theta Blockchain Ventures I

Market outlook & opportunity

We are witnessing the birth of a new World Wide Web, one in which not only information can be transferred freely without intermediaries, but also money and other things of value. One major effect, Theta believes, will be the disruption of many industries including the existing financial system. The far-reaching implications of this development are presenting a generational opportunity to invest early in the digital networks of the future, some of which Theta believes may significantly increase in value over time.

Strategy & Implementation

The Fund’s investment objective is to realize superior medium to long-term returns by investing into a pool of an expected 5-10 venture capital funds and other alternative investment funds that invest in early stage companies that are active in blockchain technology and the digital tokens market, including but not limited to businesses focussed on cryptocurrencies and other digital tokens. These Investee Funds may also seek to invest a portion of their assets directly in digital tokens. Theta Blockchain Ventures offers investors a vehicle to obtain early exposure to some of the leading projects in the space that have the possibility to significantly increase in value over the coming decade.

For further information please refer to the fund’s Information Memorandum and EID.

Statsheets and Investor Letters

Made available to investors via their dataroom access

Theta Blockchain Ventures II and its Fund Manager, Theta Fund Management B.V., are regulated by the Autoriteit Financiële Markten and the Dutch Central Bank. Theta Fund Management B.V. has an AIFMD License and is registered with the AFM with number 15000174.